At the New Zealand Foot Alignment Clinic Our team of  Physiotherapists and Podiatrists provide a service dedicated to expertly assessing and providing clients with  Custom Foot Orthotics. Our aim is to implement evidence based approaches to orthotic therapy, and in doing so, to ultimately improve the day to day quality of our clients lives.


1. To reduce the pathological  loading forces on the injured structural components of the body. It then follows that this will allow  injured structures to heal.

2. Prevention. Mitigating the damaging forces stemming from non optimal foot alignment has been clearly shown to reduce the development of new injuries.

3. To promote more efficient dynamics of the body during weightbearing activities.


Is Unique.   We are able to place your feet in the most optimal / realigned “Weight bearing” position possible. We do this using the Vertical Foot Alignment System.
This patented device allows us to correct and align your feet while you
stand, resulting in an Orthotic that is extremely accurate and comfortable to wear.

REFERRALS –   You may have been referred to us by any number of health professionals (this could include your Physiotherapist,  Podiatrist, GP or Specialist) . Please bring any associated documentation with you to your appointment.

ALREADY HAVE ORTHOTICS? – Are you completely satisfied with your existing orthotics?  

Or are they……….

  • Uncomfortable
  • Unable to fix your pain
  • Difficult to run in
  • Not suited to your  fashion shoes


At THE NEW ZEALAND FOOT ALIGNMENT CLINIC the  internationally patented “Foot Alignment System” is used to adjust each patient’s foot and hence re-align their lower limb into its preferred biomechanical position. This technique has been developed  over the last two decades and is we are so confident in its application that each pair of orthotics supplied by our clinic has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


From: Glenise Farell

I can’t believe the results! Seriously, I cannot thank you enough … my foot is massively better. I didn’t contact you earlier because amazingly my foot started to feel better within a few days. I thought surely the effect must wear off! Now, after a few months on my orthotics,  my alignment corrected,  I am close to completely pain free. I’ve had  over 3  years of chronic heel pain. I have seen just about every professional available and to date have only ever had symptomatic relief.  Your professional and yet down to earth approach was refreshing – I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your service and again I sincerely thank you for helping me get my mobility back!!

Kind Regards,                                                                                                                                Glenise Farell – East Auckland

The beauty of this system  lies in  it’s ability to create a true weight bearing cast. The resulting orthotics are  easy to fit and have yielded outstanding results for my patients.

David Close – Physiotherapist – Auckland